Why Pizza Box Express?


NORTH's Carolina's premier custom pizza box provider

How is it that Pizza Box Express Provides Custom Pizza Boxes to More Independent Pizzerias in North Carolina than All Other Distributors Combined?

  • Focus - When you only produce one product, you better do it well!  Our Pizza Box is not just one of 20,000 items we are trying to sell, it is our passion!

  • Experience - Our management team has been involved in the sale of billions of pizza boxes all across America.

  • Simplicity - It has never been easier to get custom pizza boxes.  We can literally place your establishment in custom pizza boxes a week or two after a 10- minute meeting.

  • Understanding - Our staff has visited thousands of pizzerias and listened to your concerns. We have tailored a program to be successful for you!

  • Quality Product -  We have a strong pizza box with great quality print.  Our equipment is made to only print pizza boxes.

  • Necessary Product - Every pizzeria needs to market itself to distinguish itself from the competition.  Your pizza box is the most visible product leaving your establishment.  Even more so than the pie itself!

  • Low Set Up Fees - We can place a pizzeria customer in a custom box for as low as $165 for printing plates and set up fees.

  • In House Graphics -   Our in house graphics department can take your vector and or PDF file and convert it to a pizza box proof in a short period of time.

  • Made in the USA! -  Our boxes are made in the USA and printed in High Point NC.  

  • Great Customer Service -  We make it easy and do our best to take care of the customer.

  • No Huge Minimums - Contact our staff for ordering minimums in your area.

  • Fair Pricing - We offer our product at competive pricing.

  • Dependable - Our fill rate is over 99%.  Nobody has that kind of fill rate but us.