Who Should Have A Custom Box?

Multiple locations. If your business utilizes multiple locations, using a custom box that names all locations is a very advantageous method of cross branding locations and driving customers to those other locations.

Catering. By Simply adding to your box that “we cater,” pizzerias often realize an uptick in catering sales equivalent to cover the incremental cost of a custom box. Many operators automatically assume that everyone knows they cater, but that is often not the case.

Drive traffic to website and other social media. The best way to drive traffic to your website is by placing the link prominently on your box. The current proliferation of on-line ordering platforms makes it critical that you start driving traffic to your online ordering menu NOW!

Thinking of selling or franchising? If you are selling your business, having a custom box is essential to show that you are an attractive first-rate operation. Often it is expected. A custom box is an indication that you are successful and not small time. 

Uniqueness. With so much competition, what every pizzeria is aiming for is uniqueness. How do we separate ourselves from our competition is what most of us in the service industry are trying to answer? Using a generic box is certainly not the answer. Put your message on your custom box and explain why you are unique. We truly believe that a custom pizza box is an extension of the owner of the establishment.

Training.  When people take a pizza home, studies show that typically three additional people see that box outside the store. Often the purchaser/decision maker does not even come in to your establishment. You can train your customer with whatever message you desire when your customers see your box repeatedly every time they open the refrigerator door. And every time they do they are being reminded again what a great experience they had either at your establishment and/or while eating your comfort food. Train your customers and potential customers with the message that you want them to get.

Located in an area with hotels/college campus? - If you are located in an area where there are a high concentration of people staying in hotels, dorms and or student housing, a branded box is critical. When the smell of your food hits those passing by, the immediate question typically is where did you get that? And with a custom box, your telephone number is ready and available.

Are you successful? Award winning pizza? You bet you are and as such you should be reinforcing that EVERY TIME A CUSTOMER BUYS YOUR PRODUCT. WE HAVE QUALITY, YOU WANT OUR PRODUCT! That is the core message you should be always be reinforcing and there is no better way than through a custom box. 

Do you use quality products in your food? A custom pizza box (and an insert) displays that you are successful and able to afford a higher quality box. That you are also able to afford to use quality products in the food as well would be a typical connection. Customers understand there is a higher cost associated with a custom box, so you must be doing well. And if you are doing well, you are more likely to provide a superior product. On the flip side, if you are using a thin, cheap, generic box, what does that say about you?

Does your Restaurant exude class? If you go the extra mile to present an image of class, a classy custom box is a simple extension.

Are you in one of the fastest growing areas in the United States? North Carolina has some of the fastest growing areas in the United States with large influxes of possible customers arriving daily. How are you reaching them? Possibly the easiest way of capturing your share of new customers and driving traffic from these new customers to your website and menu is via a custom pizza box.

Branding should be part of any successful business concept. Custom pizza boxes should be an instrumental part of your overall presentation. Call us today at 336-858-5783 and let us lead the way!

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